Handcrafted from a variety of Virginia grown apples, this cider is made with cinnamon, all-spice and is dry and crisp ... sinfully delicious!


14635 Corkys Farm Lane
Waterford, VA 20197

Corcoran Hard Cider 

This cider is made using Champagne yeast and a variety of sweet apples to make a nice, crisp, refreshing beverage.


                   Corcoran Cider:

Our ciders are handcrafted with Virginia grown apples!

So what the heck is Hard Cider? Cider is fermented apple juice, just like our apple wine, but with no sugar added. Our cider is carbonated and crisp and refreshing.

Just as our wines are made in the vineyard, our cider is truly made in the apple orchard. We choose apples for Tannins, Sugar and Acid, thus combining the best of each variety to create sophisticated flavors that range somewhere between a glass of wine and a cold beer. All our cider is gluten free!

Rose Hard Cider

Made just like the Original Hard Cider but soaked with some apple skins to give a nice Rose color.

AVAILABLE in 12oz. bottles

Knot Head. 
​Released!!  Sweet Virginia apples make this cider sweet with a hint of vanilla from the whiskey barrel.


PoPo Peach.

​Made from sweet Virginia grown apples and a dash of peach to make this our new PoPo Peach hard cider.


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